From the track to the road.

About Dallara

The safest and fastest racing and road cars in the world

After producing a multitude of racing cars for the most important competition categories with the most wide-ranging technical features, Dallara was missing just one model to come full circle.

A car that concentrated all these years of experience at the highest level, but a car that was also able to circulate on normal roads with a regular number plate.

Dallara Stradale is an engineering brainchild that shines for its extraordinary aerodynamics, for its entirely composite materials-built structure and for the meticulous aerodynamics of the vehicle’s outer shell. Dallara Stradale is the smartest race car on the road cars’ market.

A model that could guarantee the driving sensations of a racing car, but perfectly adaptable for everyday use.

A dream come true

Dallara Stradale

A dream come true.