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Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale


W e would like to introduce you to this extraordinary car just as we discovered it for the first time, on road and on track. Underneath a wind shaped body Dallara Stradale comes with 2 very different souls; a peaceful one, perfect for driving on the hills at sunset, and a fierce one, that will fill your veins with adrenaline on track.

  Dallara Stradale is an engineering brainchild that shines for its extraordinary aerodynamics, for its entirely composite materials built structure and for the meticulous dynamics studio of the vehicle's outer shell. Dallara Stradale is the smartest race car on the road cars' market.

A "Barchetta" Configuration

  Dallara Stradale has a barchetta configuration without doors, just like a racing single-seater. It can be personalized with a roadster configuration by adding the windshield, with a targa configuration by adding a T-Frame and with a coupé configuration by adding two gull-wing doors.

  For those who desire to use Dallara Stradale on track, it is possible to install a back wing in order to reach exceptional levels of aerodynamic downforce and operate on the adjustable suspension to optimize the balance.

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Key Data

  Its light weight, the meticulous study of the dynamics of the vehicle and the high downforce allow Dallara Stradale to perform and to thrill like a thoroughbred racing car.

  It weighs just 855kg. An incredible result, obtained with the employment of carbon fibers composite materials optimized according to their use: presoaked in autoclave for the monocoque, long fiber compression moulding for the structural components of the body, body panel system for the external panels, carbon sheet moulding for extra reinforcement. Dallara Stradale is a perfect example of how lightness and stiffness can be perfectly combined.

Dallara Stradale

  The power unit is a 2.3 liters turbocharged 4 cylinder that provides 400 CV thanks to the accurate optimization of every single component of the engine.

  Dallara Stradale is equipped with a 6 speed manual gearbox, but is available also with a robotized "paddle-shift" system to reduce the shifting time. It is equipped with the most modern stability control systems, excellent for every condition of use.

The Tecnology

  The virtual development on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and numerous sessions in the wind tunnel, allowed to achieve an aerodynamic load coefficient that delivers the highest vertical load values in this category: more than 820kg at the highest speed. It's like having a second Dallara Stradale on the roof of the car!

Dallara Stradale

  The kinematics of the suspensions and the calibration of the springs, rods and dampers have been calculated to reach the perfect balance between adherence and comfort. The vehicle's dynamic characteristics are the result of numerous sessions at the Dallaras' drive simulator: experienced test pilots have worked closely with engineers and technicians to define the specs of the suspensions, of the aerodynamics, of the engine and of the ergonomics, in order to offer the driver an exceptional driving pleasure.

  The calculated combination of weight, dynamics of the vehicle and aerodynamics, joined with custom tyres, allows Dallara Stradale to stick to the ground at over 2G of lateral acceleration, developing a transverse strength double the weight of the entire vehicle!

Dallara Stradale
Two Cars In One

  Dallara Stradale is a car developed for enjoying the most genuine driving pleasure on the road and to experience the adrenaline of an authentic race car on the track; on the same day, while being fully safe.

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Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale



Mitchell: "Can't Believe It's A Road Car Awesome."

M V: "Fast and very light. Much lighter than a modified Rx7 or 488....Another nice Italian job from Dallara. Congrats."

M B: "For all the people who doesn’t know Dallara. Pls check in their Web Site! It is a small Superb Factory based in Parma country land! Big Respect!."

Tevin: "Looks like a 488 and an Rx7 with a veilside bodykit had a bit too much to drink on a trip to the Bahamas."

Mr. Perfectionist: "Looks like Mazda Rx-7 from Fast & Furious 3- Tokyo Drift."

CR_vlogs: "Looks like the Senna finally went to the plastic surgeon and got some actual good looks."

MajorLeague: "It's faster than a challenge straw-dayle around Spring Mountain."

Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale

If we could build our dream car, free from all constraints, with the sole objective of making it unique in mind, what would it be like?

  Dallara started off with the Stradale – a racing car with a license plate – to create Dallara EXP, a car without compromise. The EXP forfeits the license plate and all limitations dictated by type approval to turn into the ideal synthesis of decades of experience, performance and passion for racing. EXP as in EXPerience, EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise: Dallara EXP is the sports car built for true connoisseurs, with the ambition of representing the core values of this historic company, of becoming its crown jewel.

  Unlike hyper cars, Dallara EXP is not a car to keep locked up in the garage like a trophy. It can't wait to be relished, tested, experienced as a top performing sports tool, like the best skis for extreme downhill runs or the fastest of racing bikes. Dallara has made it possible to transform the Stradale into the EXP with the addition of special contents, a modular and reversible process for whoever wants to experience the thrill of driving on the track and then go back and get type approval for the road.

  In early tests, the Dallara EXP has been achieving better times than the pole position of GT3 competition cars on the legendary Mugello track. Soon it will be ready for the best circuits around the world, USA included, only waiting to find enthusiasts who can comprehend its extraordinary essence.

Dry weight: 890 kg
Downforce @ top speed: > 1.250 kg
Maximum lateral acceleration: > 2,7 G



  "I look back to the first 50 years of our company with serenity and pride for having built a solid and well-made reality. I think of the next 50 years with enthusiasm and curiosity, trying to imagine how we will operate and live well in the future that awaits us." Giampaolo Dallara.

  Dallara is a story of passion, talent, tenacity and continuous enthusiasm. It was january 1972 when Giampaolo Dallara founded "Dallara Automobili da Competizione" in the garage behind his house in Varano de' Melegari.

  The desire to design and build the fastest and safest cars in the world that motivated such a risky and challenging choice for that era. Today, 50 years later, Dallara is one of the most important companies specializing in the design, development and production of racing and high-performance cars. The key competencies that characterize Dallara are:

design, with particular attention to the composite materials in carbon fiber;
aerodynamics, through the use of the wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics;
vehicle dynamics, thanks to the driving simulator and test benches;
production, fast, flexible and good quality.

Furthermore, in recent years, the Varano de' Melegari company has developed solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors.

Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale


I t's certainly not easy to describe the feeling that we experience while driving Dallara Stradale. This car is different: it does not base its performances on power only, but instead on the combination of it with lightness and aerodynamics.

  Any car spends a huge percentage of its power to defeat the resistance posed by the air in which it moves and the inertia of its own weight. The easy way to achieve a better performance would then be to increase power. The sophisticated way, the Stradale way, is to reduce both weight and resistance to the air.

  Dallara successfully managed to match a perfect aerodynamic shape within 855 kg only, allowing Stradale to have superior performances compared to the majority of the racing cars on the market. But providing explanations and describing emotions is not our focus, come and get the Stradale feeling by yourself.


  Nobody has every stepped out of a Dallara Stradale without being surprised by what this vehicle has to offer.

  It's normal to think about a racing track while looking at Dallara Stradale: it's a barchetta without doors, just like the racing single-seater. To get in you need to climb over the side. Sometimes driving a racing car like Dallara Stradale on normal roads can be frustrating, and we're somewhat proud about that, because... Dallara Stradale is different (we'll never get tired of saying it). With its light weight and the superb kinematics of the vehicle Dallara Stradale allows you to reach amazing comfort levels on day to day commutes. With Dallara Stradale you can transform a normal Sunday into the perfect Sunday by letting loose 400 horse power on the track, but just after a relaxing trip on a hill and, why not, a fish based meal at the sea. Well, in Italy of course.

Contact us at cars@masterclassmotors.com, we'll be more than happy to meet, tell you all about our track stories and organize a test drive. Contact us to test drive Dallara Stradale, you won’t regret it.

Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale


W e are, first of all, enthusiasts which never miss an opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy the magic of road and track experiences.

In partnership with Dallara, we organize meetings and racing events for enthusiasts and car lovers. In these events, as well as cultivating a common passion among friends, you can show off your Dallara Stradale and admire other exceptional cars.

Here below some pictures of past events, just to let you feel the spirit that bind us, and the calendar of future events where you could join us (subject to availability).

Dallara Stradale Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale Dallara Stradale
Dallara Stradale Dallara Stradale