Dallara Stradale

Master Class Motors is Dallara Stradale's official ambassador for Switzerland. Born from the cooperation with Fabbrica Dallara focuses its activity on the import and marketing of Dallara Stradale in Switzerland.

  Master Class Motors offers all the services your brand new Dallara Stradale may need: transport, customs and tax clearance, homologation and control from Swiss' DMW. After pre-delivery, Master Class Motors provides customization, maintenance and repair services for your Dallara Stradale. All workshop services are performed at authorized service centres.

  Master Class Motors team, first of all, shares a strong passion for engines. For years we have travelled along every European route driving the most modern cars, of their time. Pursuing those emotions that only the track, the engine noise, the breaks heat, and the smell of rubber, together, have a meaning for the connoisseurs. Never tired of treading asphalt, Master Class Motors periodically organizes events for its customers, also in partnership with Dallara, with the specific intent to experience hours of intense automotive emotions and exchange chats with friends. In the events section of this site you will find testimonies of the last ones and the calendar for the next ones.